Bayer Machines HNC - Hydraulic Variable Rake CNC Guillotine Shear


Hydraulic Variable Rake CNC Guillotine Shears
The HNC hydraulic shear is for those who require a full CNC controlled heavy duty shear with feature rich options which provides shearing performance that no other CNC controlled shear can accomplish. The hydraulic adjustable-angle guillotine scissors of the HNC, its user-friendly control panel and the flexible software options allow you to process materials in thicknesses up to 40 mm. All of the above empowers your production with high efficiency, high precision and cost effectiveness.
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Bayer Machines MGH - Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear


Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears
Thanks to its long-life rigid structure, MGH guarantees a very dynamic and an extremely precise production. The thin and thick sheet material cutting options provides the user with great flexibility. The machine is designed to provide long years of operation even in the most difficult conditions.
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Bayer Machines HGL - Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear


Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears
The HGL hydraulic “swing beam design” shear is a very economical shear that possesses all the typically required features. The pull down design provides a low profile hydraulic shear that is easy to operate by any operator. HGL also shines with its user-friendly control panel and software. The HGL hydraulic shear is the best choice in its class that comes packed with speed, performance and cutting accuracy.
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Bayer Machines HKA - Hydraulic Notching Machine


Hydraulic Notching Machines
Bayer Machines HKA is a highly productive hydraulic corner cutting machine. It is built with an extremely solid frame, large and functional working table and an effective notching head. Adjusting of the cutting angle is done using two hand wheels, which ensure easy and accurate operation. HKA is equipped with automatic cutting gap adjustment for all thicknesses from 3 mm to 6 mm.
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