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Bayer Machines BPM-T - Turret CNC Punching Machine


Turret CNC Punching Machines
The Bayer Machines BPM-T CNC turret punching machine features an extremely rigid ‘O’ frame design that guarantees minimum deflection in its body even under maximum load and that ensures high precision performance. The machine is designed for high production with up to 1G acceleration when positioning and a maximum speed of 900 strokes per minute when nibbling. The BPM-T is capable of producing not only 2D components but when fitted with special tools can create 3D forms which wouldn’t be possible when using a profiling process.
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Bayer Machines BPM - CNC Punching Machine with Auto-Indexing Head


CNC Punching Machines with Auto-Indexing Head
Bayer Machines BPM punching machine is manufactured with a strong structure that can be used for many years. It redounds to your advantage with its simple operation and ergonomic dimensions. BPM has the ability to process large sheet metal sizes at high axis speeds and beat frequency. With its indexable multitools and top level mechanical and electronic automation equipment, BPM is the ideal punching solution for your shop.
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