Plasma Cutting Machines

Bayer Machines BPL-H - Industrial CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


Industrial CNC Plasma Cutting Machines
The new BPL-H is an industrial class CNC plasma cutting system. It brings a new dimension to the sector with its double plasma head cutting technology. BPL-H will minimize your production and time losses by processing more parts per hour. BPL-H is an all-rounder designed for most medium fabrication shops as well as both small service centers and large production plants. It can be extended to carry plasmas from 50A to 400A with up to 4 tool carriages and a total of 8 oxy-cut torches.
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Bayer Machines BPS - CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


CNC Plasma Cutting Machines
The Bayer Machines BPS CNC plasma cutting system is the precision flagship of the range. Designed for high accuracy plasma cutting, the machine can be equipped with a wide variety of configurations including 2 plasma units, bevel cutting, marking devices and even drilling and tapping heads.
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