Laser Cutting Systems

Bayer Machines BLS-NEO - Fiber Laser Cutting System with Rack & Pinion Axis Motion


Fiber Laser Cutting Systems with Rack & Pinion Axis Motion
The BLS-NEO fiber laser system is the best solution for users who seek to obtain a high quality, high speed and high precision cutting of fine materials at a low cost. With BLS-NEO these features are achievable even at the highest cutting speeds. BLS-NEO allows cutting both large and special size plates and offers supreme performance compared to similar fiber laser cutting machines in the industry.
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Bayer Machines BLS 1530 - Compact "All in One" Fiber Laser Cutting System

BLS 1530

Compact "All in One" Fiber Laser Cutting Systems
The new BLS 1530 fiber laser cutting system offers the most economic solution for cutting with quality and precision, at high speeds and with low cost and small foot print. The new BLS 1530 requires a lower capital investment and provides lower operating costs. In addition, it is the best solution, with its compact structure, for customers who have a lack of space. You will be impressed with the cutting quality within the first minutes of the cutting process.
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