Bayer Machines delivers four new machines to a customer

04 October 2020

Bayer Machines had successfully delivered, installed and tested four brand new high class machines for our customer Fitting Montage in Stara Zagora.

Bayer Machines - Delivery to Fitting Montage - Laser Cutting System

A compact fiber-laser cutting system BLE PRO 1530 manufactured by Baykal - the high performance CNC cutting solution that will help Fitting Montage perform high speed, high quality, high precision and low cost cutting operations on a daily basis.

Bayer Machines - Delivery to Fitting Montage - Press Brake

A 120 ton 5-axes CNC controlled press brake, model APHS 31120 (manufactured by Baykal), with touch-screen interface and full electronic synchronization with proportional valve technology, assuring maximum bend accuracy and repeatability through constant monitoring and correction of beam parallelism by the CNC system.

Bayer Machines - Delivery to Fitting Montage - Guillotine Shear

This heavy duty guillotine-type sheer will provide excellent shearing performance for the Fitting Montage production line. The hydraulic adjustable-angle guillotine scissors of the HNC 3106 model, its user-friendly control panel and the flexible software options allow processing of materials in variable thicknesses. These features will empower the production of Fitting Montage with high efficiency, high precision and cost effectiveness.

Bayer Machines - Delivery to Fitting Montage - Plate Roll

The ASM-S 200 plate roll machine is a 3-rolls, electrically driven plate bending machine manufactured by Akyapak that features induction hardened rolls, swiveling top roll, motorized back roll and cone bending device.

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